December 7, 2009

Does this mean we're official?

Joielle is now on facebook. Become a fan and stay updated on news, promotions, sales, and more. Notice the new widget on the right-hand side of our blog!

Facebook has become the standard forum of announcing milestones in your life. I can't be the only one who's found out about multiple pregnancies by seeing an ultra-sound picture show up in my news feed. And the term "it's not official until it's on facebook" is, may I dare say, a little over-used at this point pertaining to relationships. As friends, we wait in anticipation (even if we've already heard from them directly or through the grapevine) to flood people's walls with virtual congrats when they update their status from "In a Relationship" to "Engaged", or "Engaged" to "Married". Personally, I've always preferred a good old-fashioned phone call, but in our world of immediate gratification and overbooked schedules, I grudgingly admit that sometimes a sincere and excited facebook message is just the best way to go. But announcing something in real time? Style & Sensibility posted a video of a married couple taking it to a whole new level that I hope will never become the norm!

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