December 1, 2009

You know you love headbands, xoxo.

Julie and I will be the first to admit that we're not too old to revel in a good episode of Gossip Girl, and any fan of the show knows that headbands have been a definitive fashion element. But Blair isn't the only one who resurrected this trend. Headbands have become the new tiara in the bridal world. They are versatile for any hairstyle and use any width, multiple layers, cyrstals, ribbons, feathers, whatever makes your little heart content.

Keep it simple, like the thin headband that Fergie wore on her wedding day:
Credit: US Weekly

Or bling it all out like Alyssa Milano:
Credit: Getty Images

I was also channel surfing and came across an episode "My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding" on VH1, and Shae is wearing one that looks very similar to our crystal organza headband. Notice she ties it loosely, more like a halo on top of her head, which seems to be a popular look if you're leaving your hair down.
Credit: Me Ra Koh Photography

Personally, we love headbands, especially when it incorporates ribbon because it gives it a softer and more romantic look. We hope that the trend sticks around for a while!

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