January 28, 2010

The Best in the Worst of Times

According to data just released by The Wedding Report, (which runs statistics and market research for the wedding industry), the cost of weddings was down 10% in 2009 compared to the previous year. Couples spent an average of $19,581 on their weddings compared to $21,814 in 2008. They also invited almost 12% less guests.

While it's true that couples are spending less in light of the economic downturn, the flip side is that recession specials galore are allowing brides to get a lot more for their money. Reception halls are more willing to negotiate their per head cost with you, especially if you can do a day wedding. The prices of diamonds have gone down. And if you're the type who subscribes to sites like travelzoo (yes, I'm on their Top 20 weekly VIP edition list!), I'm sure you've noticed that packages to honeymoon destinations and luxury resorts are drastically lower compared to less than 2 years ago.

A big reason we launched Joielle was to address the growing prevalence of cost-saving in wedding spending. Sure, we all still want quality, style and a beautiful wedding, but budget-savvy consumers know that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve those things. And designers are responding, which is why we're able to have a new line like Alfred Sung that everyone is excited about.

So key takeaway? Now is the perfect time to get married!

January 14, 2010

Peau de What?

Now that the Alred Sung dresses are up, you may have noticed that we have some new fabrics listed: Peau de Soie and Dupioni. Peau de what? That's what we first thought, so we wanted to give a little primer on these two new materials.

Peau de Soie

Peau de Soie (French for "skin of silk") is a thicker medium fabric that has a satiny, lustrous finish. It has a stiffer drape, which is perfect for Alfred Sung's new line of dresses which have some structure to them. It also allows for more prominence in cute details like the shirred back.


Dupioni has a shimmery and textured look, similar to Silk Shantung but not as heavy. There is also an iridescence to the fabric, which makes it more unique and gives it a great shine. The material will photograph beautifully indoors and outdoors.

We have swatches for both these fabrics available, so feel free to order some if you'd like to see them for yourself!

January 8, 2010

Peek Experience

Happy New Year everyone! We're happy to report that we're right on schedule to roll out new Spring 2010 lines next week, starting first with Alfred Sung! Known for being fun and affordable, we think that Sung has really raised the bar with his dresses this season and decided to add him to our collection. The colors are vibrant and rich, and the styles can be mixed and matched to give all your bridesmaids a different look. Here's a sneak preview of some of the new design elements.

We are seeing more variety in terms of dress necklines. Although strapless will always reign supreme, we're glad that there's more experimentation with scoopneck, v-neck, halter, bateau, etc. Not everyone is comfortable with a strapless dress, and it's nice to give your bridesmaids more options.

The shirred back gives the dress a little pouf and is super cute from the side view. Given that bridesmaids face away from your ceremony guests the whole time, we're all for giving the back a little more attention.

Initially, we felt that the keyhole was definitely a risk-taker since it's so non-traditional. But we love that Sung is willing to push the envelope on what a bridesmaid dress should look like, and the style was really flattering when we saw it on a model at the bridal market.

Look for the full line of dresses next week!
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