March 11, 2010

Dye Lot Variation

As an online-only retailer, a great benefit is that bridesmaids from all over the country (and world actually!) can place their orders with us as part of the same bridal party. We even offer 10% off for bridal parties of 4 or more to encourage brides to round up the troops and lead them to our site. But given that the girls are placing their own separate orders at different times to different addresses, we've gotten a lot of inquiries from concerned brides about whether their bridesmaid dresses will be cut from the same fabric dye lot.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of dye lot, it refers to the bolt of fabric (a lot of fabric) that goes through the dye process at the same time. Theoretically, all lots should be dyed in the same way to attain the same color. However, given that dyeing fabric is not an exact science, different bolts of cloth may turn out slightly different in shade. This is why designers recommend that your entire bridal party's dresses be cut from the same dye lot, meaning they are cut from the same bolt of fabric.

To address this issue, you can inform us ahead of time of all the members in your bridal party who will be placing orders on our site. That way, we can hold the orders until everyone is in, then submit them to the designer together to ensure they are cut from the same bolt of cloth. Please note that the only exception is that if you mix Dessy Collection and/or After Six dresses, the different styles may not come from the same dye lot, but again, these variations are very minimal.

And as a friendly reminder, a lot of frequently asked questions can be found on our Customer Service page. But that doesn't mean we don't love hearing from you! In fact, your questions are what help us improve the FAQ's to benefit everyone.

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