April 29, 2010

Fall Forecast

While now is the time to enjoy spring and sunshine (or suffer through seasonal allergies), fall is already on our minds at Joielle. April has been a whirlwind month of attending bridal market and wedding shows, and we're excited to share that there's a fresh outlook in trends that designers are banking on for this coming Fall 2010 season. The fall is generally considered the off-season in the bridal industry, and a chance to introduce some new ideas to see if they'll stick so designers can build on them for next spring. At the market, we saw a continued movement towards vintage and non-traditional styles, and a few surprising twists. Time will tell if this further departure from the norm will pay off.

The bridal designers are taking their cue from current retro fashion and in particular, we noted Cynthia Rowley's introduction of blouson tops into some of her dress designs. Although the silhouette is a bit unusual for bridesmaid dresses, we thought that they were very elegant and flattering. And yes, we are talking about the renowned fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley! This is her first foray into designing a bridesmaid collection, partnering with the Dessy Group, and we can’t wait to feature the blouson dresses and other select designs from her line this summer.

You cannot get more vintage than feathers, and we saw lots of them! The latest "it" feather is the ostrich feather, using a few thin wisps attached to a hair flower for a lively and unique feel. We also saw them on crystal haircombs, on headbands, etc... which all indicate that the look of nature in bridal accessories is not going away anytime soon.

The trend toward natural fabrics is also taking a stronger presence. After an influx of inquiries from brides about cotton sateen, Dessy has decided to incorporate the fabric into their Fall line. Cotton may usually be associated with casual t-shirts, but their cotton sateen is as luxurious and beautiful as it is soft and comfy.

Look for these coming trends when we start rolling out new products in June!

April 6, 2010

Bridesmaid's Baby on Board

When I was planning my wedding several years ago, my sister announced that she was pregnant. I was really excited to have another adorable nephew, but I faced the challenge of finding an appropriate dress since she was due the same month as my wedding. Frankly speaking, most maternity bridesmaids dresses made even non-pregnant models look like whales. They didn't drape well and were unflattering. After much searching, I finally found a dress I loved for my bridesmaids that had a coordinating maternity option for my sister!

My sister (wearing M665) with her husband, my nephew and me

My bridesmaids (wearing M664) and me

That's right, my bridesmaids wore Landa Designs bridesmaids dresses! The brand has cute designs, great quality and we are proud to carry their line. We especially love their maternity styles that a pregnant bridesmaid can feel beautiful and comfortable in.

And since maternity measurements can be tricky, as each woman carries differently during pregnancy, here are some sizing tips:
  • If a bridesmaid will be in the early part of her second trimester at the wedding, she may be able to wear a non-maternity dress in a larger size depending on the style of the dress,. We recommend choosing a dress in which the fabric and style have some give to allow for more flexibility.
  • If she will be in the later part of her second trimester, she will need to wear a maternity dress, and can probably order one in her usual size.
  • If she will be in her 3rd trimester, we recommend taking her bust measurement and ordering one size larger.
  • If she is carrying twins, you might want to consider sizing up two sizes in the 3rd trimester and one size in the 2nd trimester.
  • As a guideline: Landa's maternity dress size 8 measures 42-44" in the waist.
As always, it's easier to have a dress taken in rather than let out. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help on deciding what size to order!
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