June 9, 2010

3-2-1 Launch!

Unless you're an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand, anyone reading wedding blogs knows that The Dessy Group and Cynthia Rowley have been ramping up the publicity of their new line. There have been launch events in select cities, and we dropped by Cynthia Rowley's boutique last week for the NYC kickoff. Because even though we'd already seen the dresses, we can't stay away from a good party.

Cynthia Rowley boutique in West Village (1 block from Magnolia Bakery!)

Models with Cynthia Rowley, Vivian Diamond, and Alan Dessy

It was, as Cindy Dessy called it, a "balmy" day, with a sweltering heat wave passing through. Imagine a tiny boutique packed with girls, bloggers, and photographers where a small window unit provided the only air conditioning relief. But everyone made the most of it. It was a fun and lively event, and we were wooed by Fiji water, beautiful peony arrangements, macarons, and most importantly, gorgeous dresses! We hope the line does well and we look forward to seeing more of Cynthia Rowley's whimsical and feminine designs. Start browsing our selection now, and contact us for any other styles that you're interested in!

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