November 3, 2010

The More the Merrier: Joielle's 10% Bridal Party Discount

Is it just me, or are bridal parties a lot bigger than they used to be? Not that I have a point of reference to compare from 20 years ago, but I think it would be easy to understand why. It's increasingly common to include more family members in the party such as sisters, brothers, mothers, cousins, and nieces. And as the average marrying age trends a little older, there's more time to build close relationships. There's your childhood best friend, your high school tight-knit group of buddies, your college girlfriends, your roommate when you moved to the city for your first job, and the list goes on and on.

Credit: Phindy Studios

For brides who want to cover the cost of dresses as a gift to their bridesmaids, having more bridesmaids means more money! And for those super helpful girlfriends that always get asked to be a bridesmaid, the cost of being in a wedding can be burdensome too. That's why we try to make things a little easier by providing 10% off for bridal parties of 4 or more.

Here's how our bridal party discount works.

1. You send an email to us at with the following:
- Your name and wedding date
- The names of all the girls who will be making orders
- The dress styles if you have already made that decision
- The time-frame of when the girls will place their orders (We usually set the code to expire after 2 weeks, but we can extend that at your request)

2. We email you back a unique discount code that you can share with your girls to use upon checkout. All girls place their own orders with the same code.

3. We hold the orders until everyone has made their purchase. Then we submit it to the manufacturer together so the dresses are cut from the same fabric dye lot. Your bridesmaids will receive a confirmation email with the actual estimated ship date.

4. Once we receive the dresses, we ship them directly to the bridesmaids. Some brides prefer having all the dresses shipped to one location, i.e. their own home, even if the bridesmaids place their own orders. Some brides order all the dresses themselves in one purchase. It's all possible, just let us know how you want to do things.

And as the bride, you get 10% off everything on our site! Browse our store for jewelry, a rehearsal dinner dress, or gifts for your bridesmaids. We'll be adding more accessories and other fun items in the coming months, so keep an eye out for posts about new products!


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