July 20, 2011

Will you be my bridesmaid?

We're now well into wedding season, but let's not forget the flurry of engagements that have been happening too! There always seems to be a peak in the summer, perhaps weddings get people in the mood, then a mad rush during the holiday season at the end of the year for all those procrastinating boyfriends (my husband included!).

Once you are engaged, the questions immediately start pouring in. When is the wedding date? Where are you getting married? Who will be in your wedding party? Even though picking your bridal party can be a difficult decision, asking them to be your bridesmaid can be creative and fun! We discovered these adorable bridesmaid doll cards at the National Stationary Show and couldn't wait to add them to our site.

Blue Lotus BD0150, BD0149, BD0151, BD0152

The cards are created by Riya and Darin of Blue Lotus Company, a twin sister team who started as a custom design business but decided to foray into everyday stationary and gift products. Choose from four different dolls, which all have the "Why I would love to have you as my bridesmaid" note to fill in on the back!

We are continuing to expand our "Cards and Gifts" section and will be introducing a new designer later this summer. Stay tuned!

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