November 8, 2011

Real Weddings: Vanessa and Leonard

Venues can really bring the wow factor to a wedding, and today's is a perfect example. Vanessa and Leonard were married in La Jolla, CA, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The combination of gorgeous architecture, artwork, and the beach simply can't be beat!

Vanessa promised Leonard that she wouldn't be one of those blubbering brides with tears streaming down her face while stammering through her vows.

While we were getting ready, I had my bridesmaids read through the ceremony script with me, including the vows. Kate played the role of the groom and Teresa played the role of the officiant. While doing the "repeat after me" parts, Kate and I had to look each other in the eye and recite every vow. We kept doing it until the words no longer made me tear up. But during those 3 or 4 takes through the script, we kept bursting out laughing trying to keep a straight face!

Vanessa chose After Six Style 6574 for her 4 bridesmaids and Style 6575 for her Maid of Honor.

My maid of honor was 8 months pregnant at my wedding, so having the matching dress with an empire waist was exactly what I needed. The Persian Plum color matched my flowers perfectly! I couldn't get over how great it all looked when everything came together.

It's important to note that Style 6575 isn't even a maternity dress, but many of our girls order empire waist styles 1 or 2 sizes up to accommodate their baby bump, which works great! For styles without flowing skirts, you can also order an extra yard of fabric to alter the skirt, as seen in a previous real wedding.

Vanessa recalled peeking into the reception area and seeing the tables, centerpieces, photo booth and dance floor all set up. When she saw that everything looked exactly how she envisioned, she felt a rush of pride that all the hard work paid off.

Two weeks before the wedding, Vanessa and Leonard decided that they wanted to do something more than just sway back and forth during their first dance. They found a local dance studio to teach them some moves to Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are". They enjoyed it so much that they're hoping to go back for more lessons just for fun!

Congrats Vanessa and Leonard! May your marriage continue to be as vibrant and joyful as your wonderful wedding day.

Photo Credit: True Photography

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