May 30, 2012

Real Weddings: Jen and Chris

Today we are featuring another beautiful outdoor wedding! Jen and Chris were married last summer at the Lasdon Arboretum in Somers, New York.

The bride and groom put a lot of effort into making the day unique and took full advantage of the talents of all their friends and family, who did everything from arranging grocery store flowers in empty jam jars as decorations, serving as emcee, and providing ceremony music. Jen's aunt made the wedding cake and they bought ice cream from their favorite shop in Brooklyn.

Jen's bridesmaids all wore Lela Rose Style LR145 in Wild Berry, but with a little bit of a twist!

"My bridesmaids accessorized their dresses individually. Some wore a thin belt, others kept the floral pin, others added head bands or great earrings. I asked them to wear sandals or simple heels, their choice, and the result was a look that matched just enough but really let them display their individuality too."

When asked if Jen had any memorable stories to share, she gave us this hilarious tidbit. A good reminder that you need to have a dry run for your entire outfit!

"I was planning on wearing a pair of funny bride underwear, but when my bridesmaids saw me, they told me they could see it through the dress! Extra underwear was the one thing NOT on the packing list! Luckily my sister came through at the last minute... she really earned the title of great maid of honor!"

Congrats Jen and Chris! We wish you continued love and laughter in your marriage and with your special community of family and friends.

Photographer: Tiffany Arment 

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