November 5, 2012

Real Weddings: Joanne and Drew

Today we're featuring Joanne and Drew's vibrant fall wedding which took place just around this time last year in Highland Park, IL at Ravinia Park, also home to an annual music festival and the perfect setting for a couple who loves music and art.

When it came to putting together her bridal party, Joanne said she always knew that she would have her three older sisters as her bridesmaids. They had so much fun getting ready before the wedding together and dancing all night long. The girls wore Landa Designs' Style M768 in Laguna Blue.

"Deciding on bridesmaids dresses was the most difficult part of wedding planning for some reason. I kept getting hung up on the decision and search all over to find something great. I knew I wanted to find a halter style to match my wedding dress, and it was so nice to shop by style on the Joielle site. Joielle also mailed several swatches to me because I couldn't decide on a color. The whole ordering process was easy for my sisters and the dresses looked great! Just look how they pop in the photos. I was really happy with how it turned out."

Joanne's favorite moment was the Ketubah signing before their ceremony. Drew designed the Ketubah, combining Joanne's request for a tree with his own whimsical twist and play on words!

The favorite part of wedding planning for Joanne was taking dance lessons. They must have been naturals because everyone thought their dance was choreographed even though they were just winging it with steps they learned.

Congrats Joanne and Drew. May a joyful melody continue throughout your marriage!

Photo Credit: J. Wiley Photography

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