September 4, 2014

Real Weddings: Brandy & Alan

Bridal parties are usually good sports for wedding photos, but Brandy and Alan's wedding really pushed the limit! The ceremony took place in Fairbanks, Alaska in the Warballow Air Hanger, followed by a reception at the Birch Hill Ski Center and photos in sub-zero temperatures.

Alan is a Medivac pilot who was deployed to Afghanistan during their engagement, so they planned the wedding through Skype and Google docs. Although challenging, it gave them a project that helped the time apart pass quicker.

Brandy's bridesmaids wore Dessy's Long Twist Wrap Dress in Clover.

We LOVED the convertible dresses the bridesmaids wore. It was great that everyone could pic their own style and would actually be able to wear the dress again unlike most bridesmaids dresses. The color was perfect for our theme and everything arrived just as pictured!

The bridal party braved -25 F weather outside! They jumped into a car between the shots while Alan tried to warm Brandy's frozen toes.

Brandy had two favorite moments, the first being the airplane ride after the ceremony. Alan's ATC pilot friends changed their plane call sign to "Newlywed 1". They also worked on a choreographed first dance for a month prior to the wedding and nailing that dance at the reception was a wonderful feeling.

Congrats Brandy and Alan! May your love for each other always fly high.

Photo Credit: Maureen McCombs 

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