April 16, 2015

Star Styles: Lace Sleeves

Lace dresses have ruled the bridal runway for the past few years, and we've noticed that the preference for sleeves is growing. It may stem from our vintage obsession, desire for a softer romantic look, or simply relief from the pressure of needing buff arms for wedding photos.

Casey Wilson & David Caspe and Renee Puente & Matthew Morrison
Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Bridesmaid dresses have also been quick to follow suit, as evidenced by plenty of styles from our designers.

http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/7253/ http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/wtoo-bridesmaid-dress-style-792/ http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/895/
Watters 7253, Wtoo 792, Wtoo 895

While many dresses look similar from the front, you have very different options to choose for the back!

And if you're looking for an affordable bridal gown option, choose a full-length lace bridesmaid dress, like this jaw-dropping number, and have it made in White or Ivory.

http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/watters-bridesmaid-dress-coriander-3218/ http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/watters-bridesmaid-dress-coriander-3218/
Watters 3218

Still prefer to keep your arms bared? Select a simple cap sleeve dress!

http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/7252/ http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/wtoo-bridesmaid-dress-style-696/
Watters 7252 and Wtoo 696

Peruse all lace dresses featured on our site here. Plus, take 15% off on all Watters and Wtoo dresses from now until April 25th with code WATTERS15. Happy shopping!

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